Easy Tutorial Migration Hosting From WordPress

Easy Tutorial Migration Hosting From WordPress


Maybe some of you already have a website with WordPress hosting. But, how to move your hosting from WordPress to another hosting. That’s why we created this article.

In this article, we will discuss how you can migrate your hosting from WordPress to your preferred hosting and still use WordPress as the CMS.

Preparation for hosting migration from WordPress

Easy Tutorial Migration Hosting From WordPress

Of course to move your hosting from WordPress, you will need your own domain and hosting . If you already have the domain, you just need to buy a new hosting.


You can get Dewaweb’s cheap cloud hosting services. If you need help buying hosting, you can read the article How to Buy a Domain and Hosting or contact Ninja Dewaweb which is available 24/7.

Steps to Migrate Hosting from WordPress

Once you have your hosting ready, you can start the migration process from WordPress to your own hosting.

Install WordPress on Your Hosting

To install WordPress on your Hosting, you need to access your cPanel . To help you, we have prepared a video on how to install WordPress on your hosting.

If you have WordPress installed on your hosting, you can start importing content from WordPress with the best cheap hosting you have. All you need to do is login to your WordPress website.

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Export Content From WordPress

Log in to your WordPress.com dashboard and select My Site > Settings. Then select Site Tools > Export to download the XML file of your website content.

After that, click Export All to start downloading the content. Then, click on the box provided and select Download to download your website files.

Import Content Into Self-Hosted WordPress

If you already have the XML file, all you have to do is upload it to your self-hosted WordPress.

Log in to the WordPress dashboard on your new hosting and select Tools > Import then Run Importer at the bottom of WordPress to start importing your content XML files.

If so, click the Choose File button then select the .xml file that you exported earlier. Then select Upload file and import to start uploading website content files.

Ta-da! Your website content has been uploaded!


In this article we’ve covered how you can move your WordPress content to your own hosting. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below this article.

Don’t forget to also use fast hosting or free hosting and a Dewaweb VPS which is equipped with online backup and SSL . In addition, you can also take advantage of reseller web hosting services or affiliate programs which are certainly useful.

Hope this article helps!