Sausage Man APK v10.87, Funny Battle Royale Game!

Sausage Man APK v10.87, Funny Battle Royale Game!


Sausage Man APK was officially released some time ago by publisher XD Entertainment Pte Ltd and immediately received a positive response from mobile game enthusiasts.

The reason is, this game presents a quite unique theme, namely role playing combined with the battle royale genre like the PUBG Mobile game .

In addition, Sausage Man is also a funny game that can entertain you when you feel bored with fighting games that are too serious and competitive.


Well, if you want to download the newest Sausage Man 2021 , just take a look at the full review and the download link below!

What is Sausage Man APK?

Sausage Man APK v10.87, Funny Battle Royale Game!

If you are bored with the same old Battle Royale games , then Sausage Man can be another alternative to entertain you in your spare time.

Global Sausage Man has finally been officially released by publisher XD in several Southeast Asian countries, namely Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia on June 29, 2021.

Of course, the Sausage Man sausage you play is not meant to be eaten, but this sausage can run, jump, shoot, and even drive a car. Magical but hilarious!

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Similar to battle royale games in general, in Sausage Man there will be 100 players with costumed sausage characters who will fight in a funny way.

The character who can survive until the end of the game will come out as the winner. Uniquely, the battle will look witty and slightly different from similar games.

Download Sausage Man APK 2021

Want to try to be a sausage whiz who is good at fighting on the battlefield? If so, just download the Sausage Man game via the link below!

Unfortunately, there is currently no Sausage Man iOS because this game is only available for Android. While Sausage Man PC you can play using an emulator .

For information, you should log in for 14 days to get attractive prizes such as Tactical Supplies and a collection of cool costumes.

Sausage Man Gameplay

Even though it has a battle royale theme, Sausage Man is also classified as an Android RPG game, so it’s not surprising that this game feels unique.

In this game, you will control a costumed sausage-shaped character. You can turn your character into an explosive projectile and launch with a cannon.

You can also attack enemies using Wormhole grenades and enter the battlefield using an Exosuit that can be transformed into a jet-powered vehicle.

In addition, in the game Sausage Man APK TapTap there are two large maps measuring 4×4 km called Rainbow Island and 8 8 km called Battle Island .

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On Rainbow Island, combat is faster in addition to Classic Battle Royale Mode. Meanwhile, Battle Island presents urban views and a large area.

To be able to control sausages in this latest Android game , there are virtual buttons on the screen that you can use like PUBG or Free Fire.

Sausage Man Features

Apart from offering fun and funny gameplay, Sausage Man also has various features that make the game more enjoyable. Anything?

1. Stunning Graphics

The first thing you will see from this game is the visuals that are pleasing to the eye and full of color. Guaranteed to be more comfortable and feel at home playing this game, deh!

When compared to PUBG which has realistic visuals, Sausage Man will be suitable for those of you who like a vibrant and adorable look.

The graphics presented in this game are indeed one of the attractions, especially the contrasting colors can make the items in the game look cooler.

2. Unique Items

In this multiplayer online game you can find various unique items such as Flare Guns, Resurrection Machines, Tactical Covers, and ID Card Systems.

In addition, there are also other items scattered in the map area, such as mushrooms and monsters that you can kill to get random prizes.

3. Multiple Skills

The characters and items that you use turn out to have powers or power that can be increased. This concept makes it even more similar to the RPG genre.

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To get stronger, you can create a team and join your friends who also have qualified skills. Guaranteed to flatten the enemy, deh!

4. Game Mode

Don’t have much time to play? Calm! Sausage Man not only offers Classic Mode with 100 players, but there are also other modes.

For example Quick Party which contains 28 players in a smaller area, and there is also an 8V8 Team Battle containing 2 teams of 8 players each.

The final word

Well, that’s the complete discussion and download link for the latest Sausage Man APK 2021 . The gameplay presented feels unique and funny so it is suitable to be played during spare time.