These are Tips for Choosing a Good Insurance Company

These are Tips for Choosing a Good Insurance Company

It was recently reported that a high-ranking insurance company in Indonesia was reported to be a suspect. This legal status was determined by the police after processing customer reports who were disappointed because insurance claims at the company ended in failure.  

For a customer or an insurance company, a loss claim is very crucial. The customer has an interest so that the losses suffered can be transferred to the insurance company. Meanwhile, the insurance company has an interest in making the claim true, not asphalt claims.

For those of you who are choosing an insurance company, try using the following five criteria, research results from HaloMoney


Insurance Company Age

These are Tips for Choosing a Good Insurance Company

Insurance companies that were established in the last year or two, are certainly no better than insurance companies that have been around for decades. Because the company has proven to be able to operate well and maintain customer trust.

But that doesn’t mean a company that has been around for a long time is a healthy and good company. Use other criteria.

Have a Good Reputation

 You will certainly choose to entrust your life’s risk to an insurance company that is credible and has a good reputation. Thus you are more confident that your money will not be misused by the insurance company.

Try to find out the reputation of the insurance company through friends to examine its digital footprint in managing insurance policies to paying customer claims. If it’s good, choose it. If there are many complaints and disappointments, you should avoid the company and cross it from your list of choices.

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Cheap Premiums But Not Cheap

A good premium does not mean it has to be expensive. A good premium should be economical, but has a fairly complete benefit. Don’t be lazy to compare several comparable products from several insurance companies so that you get a good product at an affordable price.

Pay attention to the insurance company’s special criteria

There are specific criteria for well-performing insurance companies that you need to pay attention to. Namely the Risk Based Capital Ratio (RBC), Liquidity Ratio. the amount of the guarantee fund, technical reserves plus claims payable, and the claim expense ratio. Get to know each of these criteria. If these criteria are met, the insurance company is eligible to be selected.

So which insurance company do you choose?